February 14, 2012
Pizza #5: Famous Famiglia & Valentine’s Hijinks

I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood for love, simply because pizza is near me. Which pizza this time, you ask? A trusty ol personal pepperoni from Famous Famiglia that I ordered through GrubHub!

They made a box out of tomatoes! Unfortunately the tomatoes taste like cardboard.

But before I start talking pizzatalk I want to thank everyone who watched last Sunday’s Valentine’s Day themed show. I had some massive technical difficulties logging in but you guys were troopers and once we got going made some excellent truth or dare memories. My dad sang Whitney Houston, Cody (http://saucesauced.blogspot.com/) crashed into a mirror doing an handstand, Bimini admitted she is a bed-wetter, and I drank my weight in tequila. Now THAT is good television. 

"Scubadiving" is Australian for "I pee pee in my pants pants". Talk about a WET suit. I could keep going, but I have self-control. Unlike Bimini’s bladder. OUCH.*

Now, I’m a big fan of the Famiglia chain. Not the best in the world, but consistent, delicious and satisfying. Always enough cheese, not too much sauce, crispy reheatable crust. You got yourself a solid pizza right there. The crust on the personal pizza was about 5% less delicious than any other normal-sized slice I have had from them before, but still, an excellent showing. 

I just wanna put it in my mouth and go rarrerrrrarmmmmmrmrrrmmm. OH wait, I did.

And now, a haiku:

Personal pizza

It may be cheesy to say

but you complete me.


This is my “I ate all the pizza already???” face.

That’s all the #pizzalist goodness for today. Join me this Sunday at 9 pm ET at http://bit.ly/AngelaLive when I will have a special guest and we will be battling against each other and all of you in an interactive drinking version of Scattergories. So grab a drink, stretch your word muscles, enjoy a slice and I’ll see you then!

*I <3 you, Bimini. There are a lot worse things than incontinence.**

**Like admitting your incontinence to the entire Internet.

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