July 28, 2012
Pizza #23: Mario’s Trattoria

I’ve never actually met anyone named Mario, but if I did I would shake his hand*. Marios have already given us the best video games, AC Slater, and a love of orange crocs and socks, and today they give us #pizzalist pizza number twenty-three, the Pizza Bianca from Mario’s Trattoria.   

Speaking of AC Slater, we see the revival of the Saved By The Bell-style pizza box…

Most white pies have very distinct cheese regions. The mozzarella dominates the landscape with islands of ricotta lumped here and/or there. This can be delicious, as it gives you the opportunity to savor each of the different cheeses independently with each bite.

Mario skimped on slicing, but not on flavor.

Mario’s pizza bianca is more egalitarian with its cheeses however, mixing the ricotta with the mozzarella somewhat evenly in a pas-de-deux of cheesy goodness. I appreciated this; I delighted in this, both mentally and physically. Each slice danced into my mouth culminating in a standing ovation from the full house that was my cheese-filled stomach post-pizza. My heart’s gone gooey for Mario’s melty cheeses. HAIKU TIME!

White, like driven snow

Evenly distributed

cheese, like polar bear


*Granted, I shake most people’s hands when I meet them, so this shouldn’t be TOO shocking, but you get the “point”.

January 11, 2012
I couldn’t help myself!

Ok I told myself that since January 15th was the official launch of my #pizzalist I wouldn’t have any pizza until then but I totally failed because let’s face it PIZZA IS DELICIOUS and I had a white pie from Patsy’s on 23rd last night. No pics for this one, but she was tasty. I guess since Patsy’s isn’t on the official #pizzalist that was an extracurricular pizza. Mmmm, I’d like a pizza with extra curricular on top. Anyway, let’s forget this ever happened.

On another note, Grub Hub is excited about the #pizzalist and they are sending over some goodies including the infamous FORFEOON! It’s a fork! It’s a knife! It’s a spoon! Move over, spork, you’re child’s play. TIME FOR THE FORFEOON TO DOMINATE SOME PIZZA.

See y’all at the show on Sunday at 8 pm ET! (http://bit.ly/AngelaLive)

In the meantime, go subscribe to my new YouTube channel I started with my lady Amber Plaster (http://youtube.com/LAsassyNYclassy). Our first video should be coming out today and our first music video is dropping on Sunday!

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