July 28, 2012
Pizza #21: L’Allegria Restaurant

For the twenty-first pizza of #pizzalist history, I ordered the prosciutto and pineapple pizza from L’Allegria Restaurant. The prosciutto was a tasty way to up the class-factor on what would otherwise be a typical common man’s Hawaiian pie (and that extra class was needed since the rest of the night involved a group of twenty-somethings playing Truth or Dare). Also, this pizza featured maximum cheesiness which is always a plus for me.

I want to live in Pizzaland where the pizza is always rising in the distance…

I won’t be long-winded since I’m a little behind on my #pizzalist, so let me put it this way: I am sad that I have too many other pizzas to eat such that I will not be having this one again any time soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it, dear pizza-loving readers, and I highly encourage you to do so.

Truth or dare pizza

Truth, this pizza is yummy.

Dare, order again!


April 8, 2012
Pizza #11- The Linc

I’m in the mood for love, simply because pizza is near me! More specifically, the carne Italiano pizza from The Linc. We already know I’m a sucker for a white pie and this one had delicious meats too. Double trouble! In fact, I learned what “speck” was thanks to this pizza. The prosciutto was a bit salty, the speck was a bit hearty, the crust was thinner than Kate Moss after a coke bender, and the mild mozzarella held all the flavors together. All-in-all it was a growth experience and I feel bettered as a person for having had it. My tum felt pretty great about it too. 

In sum, if you are given the chance, eat this pizza. Chomp til you cain’t chomp no mo’. 

Where is that other waiter coming from/going to? Is he lost? He looks lost.

Prosciutto, speck, cheese

carne Italiano

Carnivores rejoice!


Sweet sauce, dude. No, literally, the sauce was rather sweet.

March 7, 2012
Pizza #8: Patzeria Family & Friends Wins My #pizzalist HEART!

What did one pizza say to the other pizza when no one was looking?


You should want to go to there.

That may not have been my funniest joke**, but it was definitely my most truthful***.

With the help of the services of GrubHub, I ordered a sausage and mushroom pizza from Patzeria Family & Friends and shared it with my friends, Cody and Kate, while we played a rousing game of Scattergories during the Sunday show****. The ingredients were top quality- the mushrooms thick and fresh. The cheese and the sauce co-mingled in such perfect harmony that it was like my mouth was experiencing an entirely new species of flavor sensation created by the gods of pizza. The crust was both doughy and crunchy despite its delicately crafted thinness. Ultimately, it made my stomach feel that perfect kind of satiated that one only gets when hunger makes sweet love to its perfect food soul mate. 

In short, I’m not afraid to call Patzeria Family & Friends my favorite #pizzalist pizza*****.

I have never been so gastrointestinally attracted to a pizza before.

So without further adieus, the haikus…

Crunchy crusty bite

Fungi and sausage on top

One slice? No, friend. Two.


Thick toothsome mushrooms

Crust so hearty it bites back

Kate ate most of mine


Mmmm Patzeria

Ooh ooh ooh, yes. Oh, oh, yes. 

Finally, true love.


Until next time, my sweet, special slice.

*Well, he actually would have said it in the secret pizza language, Pepperonese, but I figured I’d go ahead and translate it for you. 

**Why did the one-armed man cross the road? To get to the second hand shop. ZING.

***Especially compared to every knock knock joke I tell. Spoiler alert: It’s always a lie. It’s really just me at the door.

****Cody lost again. No jokes about this. It’s just too pathetic.

*****Thus far. Still 40+ pizzas to try. But she’s gonna be hard to top (pun intended).

February 14, 2012
Pizza #5: Famous Famiglia & Valentine’s Hijinks

I don’t know about you but I’m in the mood for love, simply because pizza is near me. Which pizza this time, you ask? A trusty ol personal pepperoni from Famous Famiglia that I ordered through GrubHub!

They made a box out of tomatoes! Unfortunately the tomatoes taste like cardboard.

But before I start talking pizzatalk I want to thank everyone who watched last Sunday’s Valentine’s Day themed show. I had some massive technical difficulties logging in but you guys were troopers and once we got going made some excellent truth or dare memories. My dad sang Whitney Houston, Cody (http://saucesauced.blogspot.com/) crashed into a mirror doing an handstand, Bimini admitted she is a bed-wetter, and I drank my weight in tequila. Now THAT is good television. 

"Scubadiving" is Australian for "I pee pee in my pants pants". Talk about a WET suit. I could keep going, but I have self-control. Unlike Bimini’s bladder. OUCH.*

Now, I’m a big fan of the Famiglia chain. Not the best in the world, but consistent, delicious and satisfying. Always enough cheese, not too much sauce, crispy reheatable crust. You got yourself a solid pizza right there. The crust on the personal pizza was about 5% less delicious than any other normal-sized slice I have had from them before, but still, an excellent showing. 

I just wanna put it in my mouth and go rarrerrrrarmmmmmrmrrrmmm. OH wait, I did.

And now, a haiku:

Personal pizza

It may be cheesy to say

but you complete me.


This is my “I ate all the pizza already???” face.

That’s all the #pizzalist goodness for today. Join me this Sunday at 9 pm ET at http://bit.ly/AngelaLive when I will have a special guest and we will be battling against each other and all of you in an interactive drinking version of Scattergories. So grab a drink, stretch your word muscles, enjoy a slice and I’ll see you then!

*I <3 you, Bimini. There are a lot worse things than incontinence.**

**Like admitting your incontinence to the entire Internet.

January 30, 2012
Pizza #3: 99 Cent Pizza Express

Greetings, pizza lovers! Today’s #pizzalist pizza joins us from a local purveyor of cheap pies- 99 Cent Pizza Express*!

I like a pizza place about 15% more when they have their own customized pizza boxes.

Even though pizza is a already vegetable (or at least that’s what the government tells me), we thought we’d make it even MORE healthy by ordering pineapple and jalepenos for toppings. Full disclosure: The pizza was not 99 cents, but it was reasonably priced. And for a pizza place that sells 99 cent slices, quality was higher than I expected. Overloaded with fresh pineapple. Hints of spicy jalapeno. The crust wasn’t much to write home about but I’m ok with that. Too much crust just wastes precious stomach space. Take a look for yourself.

COVERED in sweet delicious pineapple.

My friend Rob is the guest haikuist today. Overall we enjoyed 99 Cent Pizza Express; I have a feeling they will become a staple for everyday on-the-go pizza eating when darting about the neighborhood. Nice work, 99CPE. On to the pizza poetry!

Chunky and spicy

Dollar pizza gives me pause

Pineapple pepper


Fresh pineapple chunks

Bountiful juice of the pie

Zing! Jalapeno. 


Me want.

Until next time, pizza friends!

*Yes, yes, I was supposed to order chorizo pizza from the Tick Tock Diner but as it turns out- they do not sell pizza. LIARS. DIRTY FILTHY LIARS. I WILL CUT YOU WITH MY PIZZA ROUNDY, YOU LYING LIARS**.

** Yes, “roundy”. That’s what they’re called.

January 11, 2012
I couldn’t help myself!

Ok I told myself that since January 15th was the official launch of my #pizzalist I wouldn’t have any pizza until then but I totally failed because let’s face it PIZZA IS DELICIOUS and I had a white pie from Patsy’s on 23rd last night. No pics for this one, but she was tasty. I guess since Patsy’s isn’t on the official #pizzalist that was an extracurricular pizza. Mmmm, I’d like a pizza with extra curricular on top. Anyway, let’s forget this ever happened.

On another note, Grub Hub is excited about the #pizzalist and they are sending over some goodies including the infamous FORFEOON! It’s a fork! It’s a knife! It’s a spoon! Move over, spork, you’re child’s play. TIME FOR THE FORFEOON TO DOMINATE SOME PIZZA.

See y’all at the show on Sunday at 8 pm ET! (http://bit.ly/AngelaLive)

In the meantime, go subscribe to my new YouTube channel I started with my lady Amber Plaster (http://youtube.com/LAsassyNYclassy). Our first video should be coming out today and our first music video is dropping on Sunday!

January 5, 2012

I’m going to explain this as simply as I can.

I love pizza. I live in New York City where pizza was INVENTED*. I could eat pizza for every meal. I dream about pizza**. There’s no such thing as a bad pizza, just a chance to get more pizza. 

I drool a little every time I write the word "pizza".

I drool a little every time I type the word “pizza”.

I recently moved to midtown Manhattan (from another part of Manhattan. This ain’t my first rodeo) and obviously the first thing I did (before figuring out how my keys work or whether or not I had running water) was find out how many places will deliver pizza to me through my favorite delivery site GrubHub.com***. Turns out there are 52. GUESS WHAT. There are 52 weeks in a year. Is this coincidence? Fate? OR VALIDATION FOR ME TO TRY EVERY SINGLE ONE IN A SYSTEMATIC MANNER????

I’m obviously going with the latter. 

This guy gets it.

This guy gets it.

Thus, 2012 is going to be my year of pizza. I will order (at least) one new pizza from (at least) one new pizza place every week. Here on this tumblr I will provide photos and info about each pizza. If you would like the thrill of seeing the pizza with your own eyes and watching the enjoyment pour over me as I enjoy each slice, please watch my live show every Sunday night at 8 pm ET at http://bit.ly/AngelaLive (The show will also include special guests, gossip, games and other good stuff that starts with g.) 

My first official pizza will be January 15th, so check in on the site and tune into my show then. Yes, I realize that is not starting at the exact beginning of the year (don’t hate, I’m on vacay until then), but let’s face it, I will be eating pizza more than once a week probably many times throughout the year. I will probably also be eating pizzas not on my delivery list that may be showcased here. I like pizza****.

If you find yourself thinking, “But Angela, what’s the point??? Is there a goal?? How is this bettering the world???” then you obviously will never understand the spirit of the #pizzalist (i.e. addiction). Which is fine. That’s more pizza for me.

This is me eating a Ben Folds pizza a few years ago. Although it SOUNDED like a good idea, it turned out a little cardboard-y.

This is my friend @jbthilman and I enjoying a Ben Folds pizza. SOUNDED like a good idea at the time… tasted a little cardboard-y.

If you would like to contact me to send me FREE PIZZA, or if you would like to hear about the other misadventures of my life (I make a lot of silly web videos), check me out on Twitter (http://twitter.com/angela_mayans) where I will also be keeping everyone up-to-date with my #pizzalist (as well as probably telling you how boring it is standing in line at the bank, like people do on Twitter).

LET THE PIZZA-ING COMMENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please someone buy me a pizza beret.

Please, somebody please buy me a badass pizza beret. Please.

*Pizza was not invented in NYC, but I’m not much of a stickler for “facts”.

**One time I dreamt that I worked in a pizza place but just hid in back eating pizza. It was pepperoni. It was delicious.

***Pizza, like any food, is immeasurably better when you must neither hunt nor gather it.

****In case you haven’t noticed.

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