June 13, 2012
Pizza #17: Rocky’s Brick Oven Pizza

Rocky’s Brick Oven Pizza had a lot to live up to. This was the first American pizza I ordered following my much-anticipated trip to the Mecca of pizzadom- Italy*. For nearly two weeks I gorged myself on some of the finest, tastiest, most authentic pizzas this little green and blue planet of ours has to offer**, and suddenly I found myself back in the mundane world of the everyday pizza…

That being said, Rocky’s Brick Oven Pizza delivered. Its thin, cracker-like crust and fresh chunky ingredients could just as well have been served at a sidewalk ristorante in Napoli. 

I saw several ristorantes in Italy whose tables were weirdly across the street, so even the box is authentic!

I recommend the ham, pineapple and ricotta pizza. The small pizza is perfectly sized for one person with a healthy appetite and a determination to eat all things that are delicious. 

Pineapple, ham and ricotta! All fresh off the vine***!!!

So hats off to ye, Rocky. You were a tasty transition back into the world of American pizzas and I’m not ashamed to admit I ate you all in one sitting. Haiku!

Heaping ricotta,

sweetening the salty crust…

Thin, barely holds it.


*Italy post coming soon!!! 

**Pizzas on other planets don’t work so well. Tried one on Mars but the toppings kept floating away. 


January 30, 2012
Pizza #3: 99 Cent Pizza Express

Greetings, pizza lovers! Today’s #pizzalist pizza joins us from a local purveyor of cheap pies- 99 Cent Pizza Express*!

I like a pizza place about 15% more when they have their own customized pizza boxes.

Even though pizza is a already vegetable (or at least that’s what the government tells me), we thought we’d make it even MORE healthy by ordering pineapple and jalepenos for toppings. Full disclosure: The pizza was not 99 cents, but it was reasonably priced. And for a pizza place that sells 99 cent slices, quality was higher than I expected. Overloaded with fresh pineapple. Hints of spicy jalapeno. The crust wasn’t much to write home about but I’m ok with that. Too much crust just wastes precious stomach space. Take a look for yourself.

COVERED in sweet delicious pineapple.

My friend Rob is the guest haikuist today. Overall we enjoyed 99 Cent Pizza Express; I have a feeling they will become a staple for everyday on-the-go pizza eating when darting about the neighborhood. Nice work, 99CPE. On to the pizza poetry!

Chunky and spicy

Dollar pizza gives me pause

Pineapple pepper


Fresh pineapple chunks

Bountiful juice of the pie

Zing! Jalapeno. 


Me want.

Until next time, pizza friends!

*Yes, yes, I was supposed to order chorizo pizza from the Tick Tock Diner but as it turns out- they do not sell pizza. LIARS. DIRTY FILTHY LIARS. I WILL CUT YOU WITH MY PIZZA ROUNDY, YOU LYING LIARS**.

** Yes, “roundy”. That’s what they’re called.

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