July 28, 2012
Pizza #22: Ziglioni’s Pizza Bar

If you’re a pizzalover- and I assume either you are and that’s why you’re here or you’re just stalking me*- and you appreciate a crackery crust with quality ingredients, check out #pizzalist pizza-maker Ziglioni’s Pizza Bar.

A classy box for a classy pizza.

They fancy. Oh yeah they real fancy. How fancy, you ask? So fancy my pizza wasn’t even in English. Nope, I ordered the Ai Carciofi e Tartufo Pizza which must translate to “mmmmm oh yeah nom nom nom nom nom want more” and contained mozzarella, artichoke, Pecorino Romano, truffle oil, sans sauce. Brilliant.

A slighty charred crust makes for some crunchy good eats!

Some folks disagree with a no-sauce pizza but some folks ain’t me. I love it, and Ziglioni’s did an excellent job of loading up the cheese and toppings while maintaining the integrity of its wafer-thin crust. If anything, they could have been a little less heavy handed with the truffle oil, but that’s such a #firstworldproblem that I hesitate to even mention it. Haiku time!

Shaved Pecorino,

Cheesey, artichoke pizza

No sauce for me, thanks.


*Which is fine too. I find it quite flattering when dolls are made out of my hair. 

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