January 24, 2012
Pizza #2: Mama’s Pizza

This week’s pizza was brought to me by Mama’s Pizza (705 8th Ave, NY, NY). I was concerned this pizza wasn’t going to happen because my computer died and I could not access GrubHub to order it. When I called in, neither the man who answered nor I could understand a word the other was saying. It was one of those typical frustrating delivery calls where you think OMG WHY CAN’T I JUST DO THIS ONLINE and that was the moment I realized- I have an iPad! I can order on there and avoid communication errors/human contact! HUZZAH! See? Apple products really do make you better*!

Here we go Mama!

I ordered the “margaritta” pizza, which as it turns out is exactly like a margherita pizza except spelled incorrectly. This is no way affects the flavor. What DID affect the flavor though was the fact that all the toppings slide round and were smushed in transit, making for one sad-looking (and somewhat chilled) pizza. 

Get it together, Mama.

I was lucky enough to have Jjoey Ruckus join me in this #pizzalist adventure, so without further ado, here are our haikus. 

cheese as far as i

can see it is quite messy

delivery shift



Jjoey enjoyed himself some cheesy goodness during the show.

"Margaritta" pie

Margarita drinks and yet

Poor presentation


Wash that unevenly dispersed cheese down with a tasty margarita!

I can only imagine that the three stars awarded to Mama’s Pizza on GrubHub are due to how the pizza tasted on the SECOND day, when I reheated it to find it was far tastier and delicious than upon first arrival. That is why I have written a second haiku to express my experience with Mama’s margaritta pizza day #2.

You should not be had

until you have aged one day.

This is when you shine.


Until next time, #pizzalist lovers!! And if you haven’t seen the show yet, come by this Sunday (http://bit.ly/AngelaLive). Everyone seemed to prefer the 9 pm ET start time, so let’s continue with that! Let me know if you hate that idea more than anything and want me to accomodate you because you believe your opinion is more important than the other people who have already told me it’s cool! BYEEEE!

*Correction: Having an iPad does not make me better than you. I AM better than you and that’s why I have an iPad (2, obviously).**

**Don’t worry, even I only believe about 4% of what I say.

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